Open message to Kraken exchange

This message was posted to Reddit/Kraken, but got deleted by admins so we put it here available to the crypto community:


I’ve been a Kraken user since a few years ago. I’m sad for the state of the platform, as it’s really unusable since months ago. You all know it: website unresponsive, operations that error out but that are processed so you submit them twice and they get executed twice, trading operation types disabled… you name it. Yesterday a withdrawal was taking to much time, so I cancelled it and BTCs haven’t returned to my account yet. A few days ago, I offered myself to Kraken support to help them fix the issues, as they don’t seem to have the human resources or imagination to fix the platform. They refered me to their job postings page…

It could be very nice if we could have more details about the platform, but anyways I want to open this thread so we all can contribute ideas for the technical team. I’ll start with a few easy ones:

1- Just to start with an easy one: please, make the MtGox claim page ( a static one. Either you remove the header that’s constantly updating crypto prices and volumes, or you copy all the content to a knowledge base page and point the menu to that page. That way we get two advantages:
a) We avoid the XMLHttpRequest that’s sent to the server each 9 to 10 seconds and that’s failing half of the times anyways. That should lower the load on the server even if just a tiny bit.
b) We get the page served by CDN and avoid that request to hit Kraken backend servers.

2- Implement a system load detector (or degraded performance detector), so you can disable non-important parts of the web when things are falling. For example, I would disable automatic price update in the header of all the pages (except maybe New Order) if the platform is giving errors. Sometimes I have 3 Kraken tabs opened (mainly because when one fails I can use another one while I reload the failing one). All that 3 tabs are trying to update prices, volume and the «fee bar». It would be nice to have the price on page load and then we have «reload» icon if I need to know the updated price. If system load goes down, we can recover the auto-update functionality. The switch can also be made manual, so if technicians see «oh fuck, here we go again», they can turn a switch and the platform goes to «reduced functionality» mode.

3- Apply the magic from point 1-a) to other non essential pages like: «Get Verified», «History», «Settings», 404, etc. I don’t need to know the updated price of my chosen crypto when I’m configuring my account parameters or figure out how to get verified. Right?

4- «Charts» are a nice feature to have, but I can imagine it being a compute intensive page (by Kraken «all the pages fail» standards), so they can be disabled too when platform is failing. I prefer not having access to this information (mostly available at Cryptowatch) and be able to trade with confidence.

5- I don’t think static pages are being served from CDN. I just tested Press page ( and it takes 4+ seconds to load. That page shouldn’t hit Kraken servers more than once in a day. If page is in CDN, please configure CDN correctly to serve page directly, as I think this is going through CloudFlare but hitting Kraken servers. The same goes for all the non-dynamic pages in the footer of For the sake of comparison, «Jobs» page that’s served by a third party loads in 209 ms (-vs- 4 seconds in other static pages) and not hitting Kraken servers, so no load added.

6- You’re loading files used in specific pages in all the pages. For example, you’re loading a css style file (gox.min.css) in the main Kraken screen. That page has been loading for 17 seconds just a few moments ago. That file should be loaded in the «MtGox Claim» page only. Yes, that file should be loading from CDN, and shouldn’t be a problem to Kraken servers, but we need a bit more of attention to details if we want to have a reliable platform.

To community: please, share your ideas. Kraken dev team: please maintain open the conversation so we can help you.